I am very proud to be working again with my long-time collaborator (and wife) Feng Feng Wang on a new work entitled Echoes Below for Dance ON, featuring the 3rd Year dancers from Victoria College of the Arts. It’s another beautiful piece and I hope that the music can amply support the beautiful structure and sentiment of the who piece.

The impending excitement is bearing down on us like an old steam train hurtling down the tracks! Blue Grassy Knoll and the Australian Silent Filmscore Orchestra are performing their original score to Buster Keaton’s ‘The General’ at the Melbourne  Recital Centre  4pm & 8pm tomorrow. This has been the biggest work in the band’s 18 year history and is something to behold.

Very pleased to be back working as a composer on Gu:t, the second development of dance piece by Soo Yuen You and Albert Davies, funded by Australia Council and Arts Victoria.

Gus will be writing a score for the  Korean shamanistic ritual [Gu:t] 굿 , featuring  Soo Yeun You and senior Torres Strait Island man Albert David venerate the living memory of two much-loved ancestors – their grandmothers. It is described as contemporary ritual in progress.

His score will fuse elements of Korean and Torres Straight Islander traditions and will be presented at the Mathouse Theatre in March 2013.

More details here.

Gus’s latest project, a sound design for Emily Taylor’s one-person show Cannonball, has won the Tour Ready award at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and will now tour to New Zealand’s Wellington and Auckland Fringe Festivals, as well as a return season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Gus will be performing with Blue Grassy Knoll at the Melbourne Recital Centre again on November 23rd, 2012 presenting four short Buster Keaton Comedies, including a new score to The Goat, as well as The Playhouse, Cops and One Week. Tickets are nearly sold out, so book now!

New arrival

Gus is very very excited to announce the arrival of his second child, Emerald Geva Wang Macmillan on March 27th.  She tipped the scales at a healthy 4.2kg (9lbs ) and continues to grow apace. Despite the reduction in sleep, life has never been better now that sibling Wilfred has a sister as a permanent audience..

Touring in China

September and October were a busy time, as I  traveled with Blue Grassy Knoll to China to perform at World Expo with  at the Australian Pavilion. It was also the first time I have taken my new family on tour, with my partner Feng Feng and 3 month old son Wilfred joining us. I spent a great week doing shows with BGK to huge crowds, playing a live score to the silent film Labourer’s Love. (see here )

I then headed to Beijing where I spent time with Chinese  film director Guoren working on the score to his feature film ‘Give You Some Colour’. The film is looking great and the score, partly Blue Grassy Knoll and partly my own compositions, is taking shape nicely. Hopefully it will be released early in 2011. From there I traveled to Chengdu where my partner Feng Feng’s parents live, and spent some quality time with Wilfred’s grandparents for three weeks, finally returning to Melbourne  in late October.

View from the Knoll

Blue Grassy Knoll have been gathering again, planning out our year ahead, which will be the most exciting for quite a while. Gigs are booked at the Melbourne Recital Centre for June and August, including the world premiere of our new score to The General as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival. This will be followed by a tour to China to perform Labourer’s Love at World Expo in the Australian Pavilion. Finally, a reprise of Our Hositality will happen again at the Recital Centre in November.

Greg Walker, of Machine Translations, has just finished mixing 8 songs from Devil Goat Family String Band that will be released later in the year as an EP cd. Recorded mid-2008 they sound great and will hopefully get the band back together to play a few gigs again soon.