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Local Entrepreneur Launches Whisky in the LCBO

Cole Miller

By Cole Miller

Press Release Twelve Barrels

Young Entrepreneur Takes on the Whisky Giants
At just 21, Cole Miller is happy to announce the release of Twelve Barrels in the LCBO.

Founder, Cole Miller, a Napanee Native, began developing Twelve Barrels in late 2015, a year and a half later, he is happy to announce the launch of Twelve Barrels in the LCBO. Twelve Barrels will be released into select LCBO locations across the province and has 1 year to convince the LCBO his brand deserves to be on shelves full time.

“The next year is going to be a lot of fun, but it will be a tough one as well. When competing against the Whisky Giants, including Canadian Club, Crown Royal and Forty Creek, nothing will come easy. I believe the taste, packaging and story of Twelve Barrels puts us in a good position. But it will be up to the consumer to decide if they want to support us.”
Miller began brewing wine from grape juice bought at Walmart on his high school lunch break. Soon Miller needed a new challenge and decided to take on brewing. His first few batches didn’t taste very good. The only way to save all that hard work was to buy a still and turn that beer into Whisky. While at University, rather than taking on a traditional summer job, Miller apprenticed as a whisky distiller in the United Kingdom, further honing his craft and gaining valuable industry experience. Upon his return home to Napanee, Miller founded Twelve Barrels, on a mission to bring a “youthful spirit” into the whisky category.

Also seen on Dragons Den.

Twelve Barrels was founded in 2016 by Cole Miller and is now launching in the LCBO. He can be contacted at 613-328-4115 or cole@twelvebarrels. More information can also be acquired through Twelve Barrels website. Twelve Barrels is based on the story of George Meagher, world champion figure skater and the person who first introduced hockey to Europe. His father, John, was an early whisky distiller in Napanee and George would use his dad’s whisky barrels to ensure his figure skating jumps were high enough for all his twists and turns.