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Columnist Colin MacKay.

COLIN MACKAY: Millennial tipping habits

A recent study from creditcards.com found that Millennials only tip, on average, 15 per cent when eating out at a restaurant. Oh, the horror. They were a measly two per cent behind the big tippers. However, the data did indicate, Millennials eat out once a week, and are not the world’s greatest home cookers. This makes sense because Millennials are

w88Việt nam Tuesday's letter to the editor

Parking issue has deeper contextAt last Monday’s council meeting, local business entrepreneur, Richard Courneyea of Signal Brewery wanted to understand why his establishment had been singled out for special treatment by Mayor Taso Christopher.Courneyea had observed a city worker taking road measurements in front of his establishment which prompted

Victor Schukov

FUNNY SIDE UP: Lost hours in the toy store

I miss going to the big box toy store because it holds many memories of me waiting for hours as my kids ran up and down the aisles wanting everything. And I also do not miss going and waiting for hours as my kids ran up and down the aisles wanting everything.My other takeaway is remembering the spectacular toy fads that turned parents into battling

Monday's letters to the editor

Preserve Belleville’s hockey history“Historic Downtown Belleville” — the words flying on a banner along Pinnacle Street. This brought to mind several recent Intelligencer articles. The first – ‘Hunting our History’ (April 25) - states: “One of the goals of the Hastings County Historical Society has always been to bring the colourful history of our

ANNE ELSPETH RECTOR: Good, bad, questionable ideas

The Intelligencer recently reported, “Installation of cycle stations on city trails... sponsored by the City of Belleville, Cross Border Solutions Inc., and the Brake Room.” Located at Jane Forrester Park, Riverside Park and Riverfront Trail, stations include phone support from the Brake Room; a fabulous service for local cyclists, and healthy comm

JESSICA LAWS: Legalization stall tactics

As Canada keeps edging its way closer to the legalization of marijuana some are afraid that the ‘grass’ won’t be greener on the other side.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been recommending the legalization for the past year and has vowed that cannabis use would be legal by Canada Day.However, as we are just a few weeks away from July 1, the senat

Friday's letters to the editor

Renaming makes no senseWell, I thought that my Intelligencer letter of May 7 regarding the name change at Moira Secondary would probably be my last. The inane comments of the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board’s Kerry Donnell in the June 13 edition of The Intelligencer, however, demand that I make a further – and final? – response. Do

Thursday's letters to the editor

Brant deserves to be rememberedSadly, a proposal to re-name Moira Secondary for Huron Brant of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte did not even make the shortlist. Nonetheless, because this summer marks the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Sicily and the Hasty Ps’ landing on the Pachino peninsula, perhaps the following can commemorate this man and

Wednesday's letters to the editor

National security threat?Since the Trump Administration has declared that Canada is a national security threat in order to impose tariffs on our country, why in the world would the American president travel to a country that is a perceived threat to his country and, by extension, to himself? The Chief “Twit” should stay home and shut all US borders

Columnist Colin MacKay.

COLIN MACKAY: Trade war unnecessary

Donald Trump’s decision to start trade wars with the United States’ allies and, in particular, Canada is widely viewed as foolish. On the other hand, a few believe Trump is using trade wars as a negotiating tactic, that, in time, will show Trump was simply manoeuvring allies to get a better deal for the average American citizen. Canada, once the Un

Victor Schukov

VICTOR SCHUKOV: About the World Cup

Every four years, 374 countries qualify for soccer’s World Cup except Canada because we are too busy watching Coronation Street. Soccer - for the information of those who don’t care - is played on a field that is 12 kilometres long. That’s why a breakaway takes three hours.

ANNE ELSPETH RECTOR: Making community accessible

Quinte Challenger Baseball coming to Belleville offers an encouraging story of neighbours getting involved to help one another. Most of us don’t think about accessibility unless, and until, we’ve experienced it, or watched someone we love struggle. Yet, more than 15 per cent of Canadians live with disabilities – and climbing, the enormity of barrie

JESSICA LAWS: Mandatory change tables

As a new mom and recent inductee into the lifelong club of parenthood, outings with my almost five-month-old feel like extravagant outings.Armed with a large diaper bag filled with everything from hand sanitizer to outfits to hats, blankets, bottles and rash cream, my bag is often so full of ‘might-need’ items I often lose my car keys in the many p

Thursday's letters to the editor

Administrators need educationIn his Intelligencer article of June 1, Brice McVicar suggests that if people are unhappy with the fiasco of renaming Moira Secondary School – and it is indeed a fiasco – they can show their displeasure in the October municipal elections.Well, while the elected board may be ultimately responsible for the process, I real

Wednesday's letters to the editor

Math doesn’t add upOntario Hydro was dismembered years ago by the Conservative government, which split it into Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One. It is only the latter company — a regulated transmission utility — that the Wynne Liberals partially privatized “poles and wires”, not the power generation assets. Hydro price increases were not caus

Columnist Colin MacKay.

COLIN MACKAY: Election polls a gamble

Polls are an historical snapshot in time, soon to be out-of-date. The number of polls taken during this provincial campaign seem significantly high. Yet, most seem to be predicting the same outcome. The PCs and NDP are in a virtual mathematical tie for popular votes. Using the average of all the polling data, savvy prognosticators put out riding/se

Tuesday's letters to the editor

Better system is deservedThe City of Belleville held an excellent Older Adult Information Fair on May 31. A number of businesses and community services attended to share important information with older adults. One glaring absence was the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). Of the 90 or so organizations expected to attend, the LHIN booth was t

Victor Schukov

FUNNY SIDE UP: Waste not, want not

A pillar in the structural integrity of the familial unit is dinner time. This is when parents drop whatever they are up to, and congregate to break bread with their children while repeatedly telling the youngest to stop talking and eat their food which is by then at a temperature of absolute zero.Seated around the evening’s food fare affords us th

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