DAVID REED: Music and Kingston

This week I’m dusting off some slightly off-the-radar Kingston albums. Finding these gems will take a bit of hunting but they are worthy additions to your collection.

Postmedia File Photo Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Greg Keelor poses for a portrait while playing the guitar at his country home near Kendal, Ontario.

DAVID REED: Greg Keelor's solo albums

GREG KEELOR - LAST WINTER(WARNER MUSIC, 2018)Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy are like Canada’s Lennon & McCartney. As co-frontmen of the iconic band Blue Rodeo they have been writing memorable classics for more than 30 years, and each has had success with solo ventures on the side.This four-song EP by Keelor is a 34-minute personal journey of reflection,

DAVID REED: Rediscovering Brian Eno

Since listening to Kurt Swinghammer’s latest record, Another Another, I’ve been rediscovering my Brian Eno albums. These are some fantastic creations that I had not listened to in a while, and they are once again becoming ever-present in my daily soundtrack. These reviews are from the vault.

DAVID REED: Bargain hunting gems

Sometimes I find musical gems among the dusty discards in thrift shops. This week I added four albums to my collection for about five dollars each.

DAVID REED: Communism joyful

I first met Don Kerr back 2000 when he was playing with the Rheostatics and Ron Sexsmith. After working together on a few projects at Centennial SS, Don agreed to record my first (and only) record of original music and embraced my music with love and enthusiasm.

DAVID REED: The Alan Parsons Project early years

The Alan Parsons Project had its biggest hit with Eye in the Sky (1982) and its catchy but haunting title track. Did you know that they released five other albums before that? Most notably, the first three releases were bold and imaginative concept albums that deserve your attention.

DAVID REED: Some rare Jimi Hendrix

My cousin Paul was living in Australia in the late 1980s and fancied himself quite the audiophile (rightfully so). He and an engineer friend had giant custom-built speakers to the highest specs, along with hand-wired tube amps and a high-end turntable with a $1,000 stylus. His record collection was epic, numbering in the hundreds, but over the year

w88Việt nam DAVID REED: Space ... the final frontier

SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy rocket this week. Contrary to popular belief, it is not headed to Mars. It will be on a heliocentric orbit (orbiting the Sun) forever, regularly passing by Earth and Mars, but it will not be landing on Mars.